#11 Simple tips that allow eCommerce stores 3x their sales

Personally, we've many eCommerce store owners that overcomplicate the process of purchasing in Singapore. Creating a converting store is easy, trust me.

Tip 1 - Keep it Simple

// The more elements you have on the page (Colors! Banner Ads! ALL THE POP-UPS!).
The more it takes away from the entire point of closing a sale.

Tip 2 - Make Branding Priority

// The key factor in acquiring new customers is "TRUST" for sure, consumer wants to know your business and build trust to ensure the products that they received are of expectations.

Tip 3 - Think like a website visitor

// Is your website easy to navigate, or is it a tedious process?
Are information and visuals sufficient for customers to make a decision to purchase?

Tip 4 - Keeping Website Light

// Our number one task when doing an audit for an eCommerce store. Is to prioritize and remove heavy and unnecessary apps/plugins if it can be achieved otherwise.

Tip 5 - Using high-quality & multiple images

// Back to trust, high-quality images are a big factor in a consumer purchase. Give customers room to visualize how your product can help or be placed in their house.

Tip 6 - Insightful short messages

// You don't need more than 300 words on a product description, highlight the features and aesthetics rather than a wall of text. A list of short burst sentences is the way to go!

Tip 7 - Make it professional

// You're asking your website visitors for sensitive information, like their credit card. They are not going to feel comfortable doing so if your website outlook does not match your pricing.

Tip 8 - Social Proof, Keeping It Real

// Make sure every review gets shown, even negative ones. And address them on your social media, on how you improve. Customers LOVES it when you allow them to be part of the journey.

Tip 9 - Categories That Is Easy

// One of the most things we see in store owners is that they keep everything seperated if customers can't find what they need. They'll bounce in a heartbeat.

Tip 10 - Make checkout a breeze

// Allow various payment gateway that customers will be comfortable with, if your checkout process is a pain to go through, you're definitely losing customers.

Tip 11 - Responsive, Responsive, Responsive

// We've seen countless store owners who focus on the web version but not mobile. But over 70% of your purchases will be on mobile these days, ensuring mobile-first mentally gives you the edge over competitors.

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