Does your online store need login feature?

"Customer login" in eCommerce is arguably the most useless feature in most online stores.
šŸ¤œ Here's why...

Most users like to shop incognito; they do not like to be forced or told to go through a painful and tedious process of creating an account that they "might" never purchase from you again.

Pervelop 2021 Abandonment Cart Research Report

The second reason why it is not needed //

Your eCommerce store should already be able to help you opt-in your customer's emails during their checkout process.

Emails have shown to be a much more powerful tool that completely defeats the purpose of login.

āœ‰ļø Klaviyo, which we've been using for a long time, has been our always go-to.

For simple-complex setup, which triggers multiple rules based on purchase behaviour, spending and follow-up with customers.

The third reason why it is not needed //

Customers is growing more concerned about their privacy. Imagine buying coffee for your daily need and requiring you to log in to purchase it is a huge hassle.

šŸ’„ Increase conversion with this simple tip. And ask yourself if your store can perform or better without registration/login.

Below are the various factors that we've researched and experienced with our clients based on why and how are their abandonment cart higher than average.

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