Hypeessentials: Over 700K in sales EU/US based fashion

H.ESNTLS was founded in 2017 with one purpose in mind. To provide high-end street-wear pieces without the rape price-tag. Therefore, they put effort into producing every garment that comes out from them to ensure the utmost quality while keeping the cost down.


During analysis, Pervelop finds that the content of ad copies is not refreshed every month, thus only revisiting ad copies consistently every four months, resulting in ad burnout of the similar ad copies when running at a bigger daily budget.

Further analysis finds there is a lack of brand building. Customer journey and category segmentation defuse interest in long-term customer acquisition. And surplus in sales email rather than value-added emails.

  • Hypeessentials wanted a platform and was also on the lookout for a team that could handhold the team in ideation and implementation.
  • Unable to scale profitably to break the 350K sales revenue mark year over year from 2017 - 2019.
  • Pervelop helped curate content that value-add to customers and implement calendar week schedule to ensure consistency and surplus in value-added emails.
  • Segmentation added with new call-out information with simplistic revamped design to reduce friction in converting the existing email list of customers.
  • Create loyalty-building flow, enabling Hypeessential to build a relationship with customers from when the abandonment cart to enticing repurchases flows.

2020 Full Year Results

Not only Pervelop help with consistent testing and angle building with the use of email marketing, but we're also able to break the 350K sales revenue and, in return making a profitable 3+ (ROAS) with over 700K in the sales revenue, which more than double the projected number that we've set out to aim for Hypeessentials.

Ad Account 1 - 206K Ad Spent
Ad Account 2 - 77K Ad Spent
Q4 Only - $253K Sales Revenue