Roovibe: A product launched with 4 ROAS


Singapore Roovibe: Menstrual Pain Relief Kit was created to improve female frustration during the monthly cycle of menses.

Roovibe, the intelligent & revolutionary wearable device, provides an instant relief drug-free approach. With heat therapy and in-built massage to eliminate and relieve cramps.


Pervelop built a seamless featured product online store from scratch in which highlighted the product at the very centre and built trust from day 1 with the use of influencer content creation.

Run profitable ads with assets provided with focused new trend targeting of younger audiences(18 - 35). The initial day of launch with test brought it a profitable ROAS (4.0)

Healthy Return On Ad Spent (4.0x)
Spent 59.74$


With intend to increase reach, revenue and scale, Roovibe took Pervelop guidance. Together, we made a few observations on the website & advertising analytics.

  1. 80% of the buyers are male instead of female, purchasing for their wife, girlfriend, or loved ones.
  2. There is a significant buyer from neighbouring country such as Malaysia.
  3. However, lowered ROAS (month-over-month) with "Trend Interest Targeting" created healthy ROAS for retargeting towards website visitors.
  4. Low Conversion Rate & Returning customers due to lack of optimization within the internal team for email marketing & brand building.
Using LLA + New Interest Targeting
Great results with above 2.5 (ROAS), but CR is relatively low


Pervelop made observations and tackled through the different tests, each with an objective.

  1. We revisited Roovibe's website content and marketing ad copies. Readjusting the angle to target men as a "Gift" for their wife, girlfriend, or loved ones yield better results in terms of CPP(Cost per purchase).
  2. Setting up inventory in Malaysia would be ideal in providing a quick turnaround in delivery time. And allocation of budget shared towards Malaysia to identify results-driven vital factors brings in a more extensive reach and increase in revenue.
  3. Focus on more demand generation with existing website visitors using strategic ad copies created to lead to a purchase.
  4. Recommended different flows and type of content to drive better ROI in email marketing for Conversion Rate & Returning customers with high-profit margin consumable items.

End of contract - 5 Months Period
Generated 68K+ revenue with the sole use of marketing & website development


The winning variations running on the website have made it more effective and seamless for users than before. The team is also more confident about the website's performance since the changes made through testing and the impact of each is better known.

However, the lack of optimization with Email Marketing might result in long-term gains and more challenging to acquire new customers month over month as ROAS decreases as Roovibe scale.

Having made a significant impact on the website experience, lead generations, and the user journey. Now their internal team aim is to increase their reach and expand within South-East Asia.