Spomi: 242% increase in Conversion Rate


Singapore Spomi: Teeth Whitening Kit was established with the foundation of effective and non-harmful substance home kit whitening, which anyone of all ages can widely use.

The Wired/Wireless LED Technology was designed to whiten teeth in only 15 minutes. With 16 blue-light activators, the device accelerates the process faster than ever before paired with a peroxide-free safe to use whitening formula.


Spomi uses paid advertising and google shopping, directing traffic towards their product pages, which proves to be a tremendous strategic funnel to provide a frictionless checkout process for its consumer. Nonetheless, we found room for improvement within the product pages & email marketing flow.

  • Whitening kit's product page can be best utilised with "Benefits" when customer purchases from Spomi.
  • Lack of information within the product page of shipping information can decrease in conversion rate.
  • Lack of product information, the FAQ page is not being utilised by traffic and spends most of the time browsing the product page before bouncing. Hence we introduced individual FAQ of each product.
  • Simple flow with no segmentation in which can help best with increasing conversion rate & repurchase. The internal team did not use the full potential of what Email Marketing provides and lack of understanding of the customer nurturing process.
Before - Email Optimization
After - Email Optimization


Pervelop's CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) & Email Marketing service helps Spomi to bring result-driven testing and optimisation a reality. Thus, resulting in a 242% increase in conversion rate, which more than doubles the revenue with the same ad spending during the initial service. As a result, Spomi is confident about scaling both in terms of region and ad spending.

Before Optimization
242% Increase In Conversion Rate After Optimization