Why Klaviyo vs Other Email Marketing Tools

No matter the size of your B2B or B2C eCommerce business, Klaviyo can help your store grow. Store all of your customer data in one place, and deliver customized experiences through email and other owned channels.

This tool makes it easy for eCommerce merchants to grow their contact lists, personalize user experiences and communicate more effectively with customers. To help you evaluate Klaviyo vs others, check out some essential Klaviyo features below.

Customers who switched see an average increase of 46% in total store revenue. Did you know that Shopify merchants earn $85 for every $1 spent on Klaviyo?

Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with Shopify to merge valuable data to help grow your eCommerce store. Plus, it's a useful tool to help Shopify stores increase online conversions with targeted email and social media marketing.

Data Science

Klaviyo's data science features designed to help eCommerce businesses grow faster. This artificial intelligence technology allows to:

  • Predict a customer's next purchase date
  • Determine the total amount of future spending
  • See the number of upcoming purchases
  • Determine the probability of customer churn
  • Calculate the customer lifetime value
  • See average time between orders
  • Predict a contact's gender


With Klaviyo, segment your contact list to send targeted, relevant emails based on customers' unique engagements and behaviour. These lists update periodically automatically so that you don't waste time manually updating lists.

Target users with special events and generate better results by leveraging a contact's website activity to send behaviour-based emails. Combine and exclude segments for more extensive targeting.

Reach Customers On Any Channel

Klaviyo helps eCommerce stores reach and engage with prospects, leads and customers on a variety of channels. Email, web, in-app or social, Klaviyo is available to help you funnel users through the buyer's journey no matter where they are.

We use leverage Klaviyo when preparing for Black Friday and the holiday season as this tool enables companies to leverage these owned marketing channels − allowing for maximized sales.

Pervelop X Klaviyo

Anyone can send an abandoned cart email. But not everyone can target that email based on cart value or a recipient's history with your brand.

Want to trigger automated emails based on custom events? No sweat. And when it comes to testing a series of automated emails, Pervelop will make it simple for you to see which is driving more sales.

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