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It is important to not only have confidence in us, but our work processes with you as well. Through experiencem, we have identified and highlighted below the key points in client and provider deliverables that ensure that projects run smoothly and on time.


Our Process Flow

A well defined flow is essentially for any projects, it keeps us and our client both in the loop with accurate timeline for a success story.


What you can expect from us

1. A requirements Meeting

A requirements meeting will take place beforehand to fully understand what the services are required. This allows us to provide a firm quotation while providing consultancy and advice for what you have in mind as well.

2. Assigned Project Manager

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project and work with you from start to end. A reasonable timeline/schedule should be set and accepted by both parties.

3. Project Task & Schedule Plan

Depending on project scale, we will create some form of project task and schedule plan. All parties should adhere to the due dates as closely as possible in order to complete/executive the project on time.

4. Submission For Approval

Designing of marketing plan and/or website design & concepts will be submitted to you for approval. It is important that you are clear of the concept at this stage as major changes will prolong the completion date.

5. Structure & Foundation

Our team will be setting up the structure of your required services and building the foundation. We will be creating the features of the services and contents as the materials come in from you.

6. Testing & Revision

When the service is completed/before service executed, we’ll ensure to test it thoroughly before running it through you. After completing any remaining revisions from you, we will then launch the website/campaign live and do the needful in terms of optimization, configurations and submissions.

7. Delivery & Start Of Service

Every project is private and confidential to us during the process and completion of our service. Any sensitive information attained during the project will be kept in strictest confidence.

Afterservice & Rights Reserved

All materials and customised business applications, all source codes belong to you upon completion of final payment.


How you can help us

State Clear Goals & Requirements

Be as descriptive as possible at the start. Send us references of what designs and functions you like, what your competitors are doing so we are clear of the end product you want.

Assigned Respective Contact

Assign a main point of contact to us. This person will be actively involved in replying our emails, providing us with what we need and be able to represent your company as the decision maker for all confirmation milestones.

Confirmation Approval

We need confirmations along the way from you. This maintains a healthy working relationship of being accountable, taking the time to accept along the way what we have taken a lot of time and effort to create for you.

Materials Assembly

Start gathering and send us your company related materials as soon as possible. This includes your company logo, branding guideline, brochures and images.

Conclusive Selection

In order to complete a project on time, your cooperation to get back to us swiftly on decisions, feedback and files will be much appreciated.